Hello. Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Olivia. I am an undergraduate at Duke University pursuing a Human Rights Certificate. I am in the process of expanding this project, now and in the future.

Step One: Researching the topic

  • Learned about various aspects of FGM such as: medical procedure, health risks, prevalence, “medicalization,” laws, setting of procedure, culture, tradition, and perspectives

Step Two: Pilot Educational Program & Analysis

  • Created and lectured a pilot education program that discussed various aspects of FGM, with a focus on cultural beliefs behind FGM
  • Audiences included Child Protective Services, Child Abuse Pediatricians, medical professionals, mental health professionals, law professionals
  • Conducted pre- and post- surveys:

Step Three: Identifying Applications and Audiences

  • Results indicated a lack of understanding of the cultural reasons behind FGM (27% correct pre-test, 58% correct post-test)
  • Target audience: professionals likely to encounter FGM survivors in their respective fields

Step Four: Execution of Project

  • Created a website to educate investigative professionals about the cultural aspects of FGM
  • This way, professionals can approach FGM survivors with cultural competency and awareness
  • In the execution of this website, my goal is to share this project yet continue to learn and reflect on this complex topic

Thank you to all the professionals who were so patient and kind in letting me learn from them and lecture at their institutions.